Best Green Influencers

Best Green Influencers You Should Know In 2023

In recent times, people across the globe have started to embrace “sustainable” life. Considered a form of lifestyle that is driven by concern for nature and the environment, “Green Living” has become quite popular for better health and sustainability.

In other words, a lifestyle that promotes environmental consciousness and sustainability is the epitome of an ethical lifestyle. According to the definition, the term ‘green living’ suggests that one makes choices that protect the natural balance and the earth’s resources and habitats.

For people who aren’t well aware of this type of lifestyle, green influencers across various social platforms are doing an incredible job of educating people about the green lifestyle, choices, and alternative products that promote this type of living.

Green influencers are actively promoting a plethora of resources that will help people make environment-friendly choices. Green influencers are making ‘green living’ sound not just vital but also joyful and satisfying to embrace.

Thanks to green influencers on social media across the globe, the terms ‘green living’ are no longer quirky terms. It is now a famous lifestyle choice and terms like “green” and “green influencers” are currently trending everywhere.

Green living has emerged as the most significant part of current social media trends. With the increased awareness about a sustainable and greener lifestyle, several people have begun to embrace this natural and healthy way of living.

Additionally, several film and sports personalities have begun to make exclusive plant-based choices, and many of them have also collaborated with green influencers. Be it Zac Efron, Virat Kohli, or Ranveer Singh- a lot of people, irrespective of age, are making the shift towards ‘green living.’ Green influencers across all platforms on social media are at the forefront and are bringing increasing appeal and popularity to this form of living.

Hence, brands that have products, services, or other offerings that promote sustainable living can collaborate with green influencers across all social platforms like Facebook and Instagram and help reach more people to spread awareness about the advantages of green living choices.

Since brands may not always be aware of the section of the audience willing to adopt a green way of living, collaborations with a green influencer who already has an established audience base is a perfect choice.

Here is the list of green influencers that you should be aware of in 2023. Keep reading to know more.

Top 5 Green Influencers You Need To Know About

Aditi Mayer

The collapse of the Rana Plaza Factory collapse in Bangladesh in 2014, which took the lives of 1000 people and injured 2600 workers, was what moved Mayer to look inside the world of sustainable fashion.

An American Indian, Mayer emerged as the voice of equal labour rights and de-colonisation in the fashion industry. She started to create awareness about how and why the global fashion industry should employ sustainability.

In 2022, Mayer became a fellow for the National Geographic Digital Storytelling division. Since then, she has been following India’s fashion retail chain and has been studying the environmental impacts of the same. Mayer regularly blogs about sustainable fashion and has gained 68.1K followers on Instagram.

She uses her reach and popularity on social media to create awareness about local sustainable Indian clothing brands like Joskai, which works with the artisans and locals of Assam.

Elizabeth Teo

A Chinese-Canadian and American, a climate and environment activist and an educator- Teo is all about slow fashion. Focusing on slow fashion. If one would visit Teo’s Instagram page, one would notice abundant information on zero-waste living.

As Teo states, sustainability means more than taking shorter showers and remembering to turn off the lights. She recommends purchasing second-hand clothes and recycling clothes. Known as @zerwastecutie on Instagram, this young 25-year-old has a follower count of 27.5K.

Radhi Devulikia Shetty

Radhi Shetty is a well-known green influencer in India. Her social media profile is dominated by vegan recipes. She often says that green living is nourishment to the body, mind, and soul. While Shetty places great emphasis on conscious cooking, she also shares relevant information about sustainable and environmentally friendly skincare and 100% natural lifestyle products.

For more than 6 years, Shetty has been practising conscious cooking and has hence earned immense experience in the field. She has 1.9 million followers on Instagram and her following has grown immensely in the past few years.

Leah Thomas

Leah Thomas is a prominent green influencer who promotes sustainable choices and living. She describes herself as a climate optimist, justice advocate, and eco-communicator.

A native of California, Thomas has also raised her voice for the “Black Lives Matter” movement. She became the first person to coin the term native, combining environment-related work with social justice, raising her voice for movements like ‘Black Lives Matter.’ She was the person who coined the now famous term in green living- ‘intersectional environmentalism’.

From her thoughts on the environment to sustainable food choices- Leah Thomas is everything that makes the best green influencer.

Nayana Premnath

Nayana Premnath started her journey on social media as a YouTuber and a Beauty influencer. In 2019, she decided to shift to a low-waste lifestyle. Premnath has 45K followers on Instagram and has also founded her business entity, The Green Circle, which sells upcycled and handmade scrunchies. She believes in slow fashion and is an ardent advocate of using waste fabric to create innovations. Her social media handle has reliable information about fashion brands that we need to avoid, why “green living” is not expensive, and also loads of tips and insights about zero-waste shopping.

Diandra Marizet

Hailing from the Latinx community, Marizet uses her social media influence to spread awareness about plastic-free living. She has 16.3K followers on Instagram and is an active promoter of sustainable choices.

Marizet has considerable experience in the fashion and community development sectors. She is also the co-founder of Intersectional Environmentalist, and her primary area of work involves the welfare of environmental supporters who are from marginalised communities like the Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) communities.

Why Green Influencers Can Effectively Promote Health And Wellness Brands

If you are a business entity or a brand that wants to cater to green living initiatives and lifestyles, then the above-mentioned green influencers are the best choices for you to collaborate with. If you are an individual looking for relevant information and insights that will help you to incorporate “green living”, then make sure you follow these influencers.

Green influencers are the perfect choice to sponsor and promote health and wellness products in the online market. If anyone wishes to motivate people about green living and products that will help accordingly, green influencers and their social platforms are quite effective tools. They will help reach the target audience seamlessly. The above-mentioned green influencers are known for their sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyle and the list has been curated after accurate research. Improve your brand credibility among your followers and target audience by implementing a well-defined brand campaign with one of these green influencers.

The followers of these influencers are the ones who share the same views about building health and fitness with Veganism. Hence, you can engage with them by collaborating with these influencers and building awareness around your products and services.

People are inclining more towards “green living” and social media is the driving force. Social media brings different opinions and lifestyles into the lives of people and motivates them to switch to trends that will benefit them and also the environment significantly.

Consequently, Green living has seen an upsurge during the past few years. Expert insights on sustainability and “green living” are now available abundantly on social media platforms, thanks to green influencers. These influencers create content about how cruelty against the earth’s natural resources and the environment can lead to serious long-term consequences. Also, when green influencers tell how “green living” is inexpensive, people are more likely to listen to them and adopt the new way of living.


study says that by 2030, the vegan market will be worth $162 billion since people are inclining more and more towards plant-based and conscious living. Hence, several brands are in the race to occupy a portion of the global “green” market by introducing plant-based products, launching sustainable clothing lines, and running campaigns that promote sustainability and “green living”. Amidst such a scenario, green influencers who have a solid follower base will play a significant role in convincing people to adopt the “green living” standards. This will ultimately lead to a greener planner and an environment.